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If you are new to the game, the Game of Thrones Conquest tips and cheats that you will find below are going to help you get better at the game and really understand how to overtake all the other players (after all, I would argue that it”s the main goal of the game). And since no Game of Thrones content can go without dragons, in Conquest you won”t be short on dragons either.

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Game of Thrones, the much-beloved book series and TV show, that sparked everybody”s interest (until the much disappointing final season at least) lets us experience Westeros in all its glory, by building our own empire and trying to conquer the Iron Throne in GoT Conquest.

Players can develop their own reptilian flying base destroyers (better known as dragons) and take them into battle, guided by Daenerys and Jon Snow, although not as much as we would expect. So if you want to learn how to get stronger fast in Game of Thrones Conquest, then let”s dive into the tips and tricks guide!

Tip #1 – Organise your base and decide how you want to advance

Although it might not seem like it at first glance, the game is extremely strategic. You have limited resources and that means you”ll have to think well about how you want to spend them. Make sure that you don”t waste any resources on training too many troops, just keep enough to be able to take down monsters and the occasional player standing in your way.

Tip #2 – Upgrade your Storehouse – it”ll save you a lot of resources

Another GoT Conquest tip you should really take into consideration is strengthening your Storehouse. In the Storehouse, you will have resources that cannot be looted by enemies that attack your base, so try to expand it as much as you can, and feel free to spend the extra resources you have.


No matter how you want to advance, be it through actively battling opponents and monsters or by AFK farming and upgrading, you should always keep an eye on your Storehouse.

Tip #3 – Build as much as you can and upgrade all the buildings

Since we”re talking about resources and upgrading buildings, you should go ahead and make all the upgrades you can before you level up your Keep. Whenever you upgrade your Keep you”ll unlock new maximum levels for your other buildings, which means you”ll have the ability to do even more upgrades.

Resource farms are especially important because they will passively produce resources for you (such as wood, food, stone and iron) so make sure you build the maximum number of farms you can, and then slowly start upgrading them one by one.

You should start by completing all the short upgrades (the ones that take just a few minutes), and leave the ones that take 40 minutes and more to when you decide to take a break.

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Keep in mind that if you start researching your construction speed, you will be able to make upgrades even faster, which takes us to our next point in the GoT Conquest Tips.

Tip #4 – Research all the time!

Research starting with Logistics -> Bureaucracy, then follow up with whatever else you need according to your playstyle. I always like passive resource production, so I like to go for Economy. But, if you want to go hunt mobs on the world map, then you should go for Logistics -> Forced March and then Pack Mule. It”s really a matter of playstyle, so make sure that you pick the right one according to your needs.

Something else I”d like to mention is that you should always have something researching. Each time, before closing the game for longer periods of time, you should start researching something that takes quite a long time. That way you can advance at a steady pace, while not even playing the game!

Tip #5 – Form powerful troops

Troops are super important, and since they will be your main units in the game, you need to take good care of them. Make sure that you always have the latest, strongest troops training, because they will be your best line of defence (and offense). So, our GoT Conquest tip 5 would be: Make sure you train the best troops you have available in your Barracks, Stables and whatnot, because they have much better stats than the others.

Also, even if you have quite a large number of troops (or so you might think) you can still train more. The reason is because once you start PvP and battling other players, chances are many of your soldiers will die. You should always heal the troops whenever they are wounded, so make sure that your Medic Tents are upgraded to max level possible.

It will be a lot cheaper to heal the units you already have, rather than train new ones! So, remember that Medic Tents are not useless – they save lives!


Tip #6 – Scout the grounds

Sending your troops away at all times can not only help you by scouting weaker (and possibly lootable) camps, but it will also keep these troops alive when your base is being attacked by some high-level player (who, coincidentally, is also looking for weaker bases to destroy).

Tip #7 – See creature, kill creature

Our GoT: Conquest tip 7 is pretty straightforward. An easy way to progress could also be by farming creatures on the world map. There you can search for specific level monsters that you can kill for EXP and various loot, so if you”re looking for slightly less-passive ways of farming and advancing in the game, this is definitely one you could go for.

Tip #8 –Join an active Allegiance

By joining an active alliance (Allegiance) you will be able to play alongside other players, offer and get help, and gain access to some more content. You will also receive plenty of free gifts from the other members, so it”s basically a win-win situation!

Tip #9 – Feed your Dragon daily!

Your Dragon will be super important in terms of stats and much more, so make sure that you feed it every day as much as possible (maximum times ideally, make it a priority), so you will level it up and obtain passive training points. These will help you grow in power quite a bit, so even if you play as a f2p player, you should shift your attention towards it.

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Tip #10 – Want to play peacefully? Then invest your Gold in Peace Shields

If you don”t want to risk losing your resources, then make sure you spend your Gold on Peace Shields. Whenever one expires, buy a new one and keep this going for as long as you can (or at least until you”re strong enough to try and defend). Many players are looking for weak bases to attack, so this is a very easy way to try and keep yourself safe.

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