Kamen Rider Fourze Driver Flash By Kinzape On Deviantart, Kamen Rider Fourze Battle Game! Astro Switch

this is also on the chinese website 4399xiaoyouxi and they didn't know how they used others like chinese's and he did build sparkling

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Cosmic Magnet Form


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Thanks.A guy walks in on a bunch of cavemen who all have clubs. They”re all circled around a caveman who”s lying down unconscious on the ground.The guy says “What did you do that for?!”One of the cavemen says “He invented the pun.”
firefighter thing(round is fire form (the gun thing is on water mode)(square is hook,for pulling someone out)(the X thing is freeze for well ye know)(the trangle thing is the hopping thing for broken stair or building tall times)
It looks rather awfully ridiculous to turn on all four switches at once. especially if you put pen and water together. Plus, if we consider ourselves at that situation, pulling off a Limit Break with just 2 switch may took all strength we had. Honestly, Fourze”s ridiculous way of using things for battle is what pull me to like it hahaha

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