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If you like playing games on Android phones and want more interesting and unique experiences with those games by hacking or modifying, Game Killer will be a perfect application to do that. With Game Killer, you will not be interrupted your games because you have to wait for life or set coins to buy your favourite items. The app will help you unlock those things indefinitely.

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There are thousands of games released every day by various developers around the world. To hack or modify such a large number of games will require a lot of people searching for and modifying. Game Killer will help you modify your favourite games immediately. You will not face the risk of the sites that contain many malicious viruses for the device.

In this article, I want to share with you how it works and its key features. Besides, we would like to instruct you the way to install and use it. The most important thing is the direct link to the Game Killer Apk for Android phones.


Step 3: Back to the folder containing the Game Killer Apk file. Then, click on the Apk file and click on the settings to start. This process will take a short time.

Step 4: You will see the “installed” message indicating that the application has been successfully installed. Then, you can open the app and start modifying your games right away.

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How to hack or modify games with Game Killer

When you have finished installing Game Killer Apk, you should know how to use it to hack or mod the games. I will show you how to use it as below:

Step 1: Open the Game Killer application on your device. You just need to minimize it. It will appear as a bubble inside your game.

Step 2: Open the game you want to hack/mod and start playing a bit. Then, pause the game and remember the value of coins, diamonds or what you want to change. For example, when you play a bit and get 1000 gold. Remember to get a value of 1000.

Step 3: Now, go to the Game Killer app by clicking on the icon bubble in the game. Enter the value you just remembered. In my example, I will enter 1000. Please enter your value and click the top right arrow to save as AUTO IDENTIFY format.

Step 4: Minimize Game Killer. Play a little more of your game. You will play it until you find a memory location that has that value in the app.

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Step 5: When you find a location in memory, you can select it and set the number you want to get and send it. You will then see the value you desire to change.


Game Killer is actually a great application for modifying the game. It will give players unlimited coins, gems and other things. The app will bring your full gaming experience. However, it still needs you to root the Android device to be able to operate well. We will provide a quick and free Game Killer link. If you have any problems with do.w.n.lo.ading it to your phone, leave a comment below. We will fix it quickly. Thank you very much!

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