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I was wondering if a Kuroko No Basket video game was possible? I was thinking about it every since I saw the trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. The Captain Tsubasa anime is way older the Kuroko No Baskets and obviously people still love Kuroko No Basket just as much as Captain Tsubasa. I hope that if this game does well a lot more sports anime could be adapted into video games.

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Well, it depends on what type of video game you are talking about I: would say the one and only positive it would have to go for it is that sports games with super power have been somewhat popular in the genre and NBA Jam could be quasi considered it. However, I would put possibilities to around 0% if it was going to entirely based around the series itself. You gotta understand Anime more or less is considered a semi niche market compared to other types of entertainment media. Out of that small percentage is an even smaller percent of sports anime fans and then basketball fans that would interest in a game.

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The problem comes with funding and clamoring for it which would both be very small even among KNB fans. Even college basketball games sales were doing so poorly that the companies had to pull back because the cost out measured the royalties. It's doubtful to get anything near that type of consideration considering it. The reason Tsubasa was able to get a video game is the fact that most of the world follows soccer it is the most popular sport in the world. Also, there aren't many named companies that dominate the market outside of PES and Fifa.

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The basketball game market is basically NBA2K and that's about it while Live has returned it is nowhere near as good as 2k's game in actual gameplay. Now there is a small possibility that they release the teams or a version of it as a bonus package. I:f you are looking for something that wasn't official there are mods that can allow you to play games with teams/players from the series. They are all fan-made though so it's only as good as the game the foundation of the original game underneath the window dressing.

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