9 Android/Ios Moba Games Ideas, 7 Best Moba Games For Ios In 2021

The MOBA genre is so far doing great on iOS. Several newcomers have joined the ranks of the most popular MOBA games in App Store, but as they genre gets more and more crowded on mobile, finding good MOBA games can be a bear. That’s why, in this article, we bring you seven best MOBA games for iOS in 2020.

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Best MOBA Games for iOS


6. Legend of Ace

Next up, we’re looking at Legend of Ace. Now, this one is your typical fantasy style, but the graphics are extremely detailed and vibrant, especially on newer iOS devices with the latest chips from Apple.

Players duke it out in epic 5 versus 5 battles. Games last until the other team makes it to victory. There are a variety of heroes that you can choose from, but you can always mix it up with different skills and abilities. It can get really competitive as well, since you can climb world rankings to prove you are number one!

download it now: here

7. Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes is a newcomer on the iOS MOBA scene, and it takes just one look at its vibrant and cartoony aesthetics to see that it’s a welcome departure from the usual MOBA aesthetics. Battles in Planet of Heroes are always 7 minutes long, and players can either brawl in PvP matches or take on the challenging PvE campaign.

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In contrast with other MOBA games, battles in Planet of Heroes happen in a single lane, and there’s no gold to collect and no items to purchase. In other words, who wins and who loses depends entirely on players’ ability to control their heroes.

Each hero in Planet of Heroes can be customized with the game’s unique strategic customization system, which relies on over 200 runes that can be combined to create more than 20,000 different skill configurations. That means when two players with the same hero meet each other on the battlefield, they still don’t know what tricks the other player has up their sleeve.

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Update: This app has been removed from iTunes

Best MOBA Games for iOS Verdict

As you can see, even here, you have a lot of different MOBA games to choose from. There are plenty of different choices on iOS, but we’re confident that these seven are some of the best that you can and invest your time into.

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