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Minecraft has been one of the most loved games on all platforms, including Android.There are many similar, even copied, titles that can fulfill your craving for such gameplay.

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Minecraft has been the absolute favorite game of the ever-growing community of gaming fans. Whether on PC, console, or mobile, this title has managed to capture millions of gamers” hearts and imagination worldwide.

However, playing Minecraft on Android can sometimes not be possible for all of us, since it is a paid game. But there are quite a few offerings that have attempted to make similar gameplay and done a decent job.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best such titles available for Android gamers.

Five best offline games like Minecraft for Android

1) Block Craft 3D

Block Craft 3D is a clone of Minecraft that borrows several elements from its gameplay. From pixelated graphics to the blocks used for construction, there will be tons of features that remind you of Minecraft.

However, this game majorly concentrates on the building aspect, and the focus on mining and exploration or survival is minimal. In fact, it takes it a step further by allowing for a wider selection of blocks to aid construction.


2) RealmCraft

RealmCraft is another clone of Minecraft which features a similar procedurally generated open-world for you to explore. Unlike Block Craft, this title doesn’t only focus on the building aspect of the game, but also allows you to mine for resources as they explore the endless map.

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Crafting is also a huge component of this game, as well as building in the creative mode. And it also manages to add a lot of different kinds of mobs to make it feel just a little different from Minecraft.

3) Exploration Lite Craft

If you’re looking for a great offline alternative to Minecraft on Android, Exploration Lite Craft is a good bet. This game is the same as Minecraft in all aspects, but for the mummies that follow you, instead of zombies.

Exploration Lite features similar pixelated and blocky graphics. It also shares a focus on exploration, gathering and mining resources, crafting materials, and building freely in a mode that allows you to unleash their creativity.

4) Multicraft


Multicraft comes closest to completely cloning Minecraft”s gameplay, especially since its graphics look eerily similar to the latter, complete with a character that looks like Minecraft”s Steve.

This game allows players to engage in a single-player survival as well as creative mode. While there are multiplayer modes as well, you can enjoy the offline modes immensely, since the in-game world is expansive and can provide you with hours of gameplay full of exploration and crafting.

5) Crafty Lands

Last but not least, Crafty Lands is the perfect alternative to Minecraft if you want a wholesome blocky experience. With simplistic blocky graphics, it manages to make a Minecraft clone that doesn’t feel like it has gone overboard with the copying.

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Even though the gameplay is quite similar, there are a few differences when it comes to graphics and gameplay that will allow you to enjoy Crafty Lands as a game in its own right. Especially since it tends to lean towards creative gameplay over exploration, survival, and crafting.

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