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It”s always a good idea to understand what you”re getting yourself into. We highly recommend reading our administrator guide,asking your sales rep about what hoanhtao3d.vn can offer your classroom, and chatting with fellow teachers who use our platform.

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Step 2: Order a License and Get Administrator Credentials

Ordering a hoanhtao3d.vn license for your classroom happens through a Certiport Sales Representative. They are your representative and will help you understand the ins and outs of your hoanhtao3d.vn license and receive the products you want. Your rep will also provide you with your own administrator login credentials, but fellow teachers and administrators within your school cangive you your credentials as well.


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Step 3: Create Access Codes

Within the administrator panel, creating the access codes your students will use to take their courses and practice tests will be your next step. The administrator guide can walk you through this process, as well as our Support Center. Most importantly, before delving too deep, we recommend clicking around in our platform on both the student and administrator sides of things. Don”t be afraid to click on the different navigation buttons multiple times so you can really become comfortable and familiar with our platform. A lot of questions and concerns you may have can quickly be resolved by navigating our system and checking the various options. Also, familiarizing yourself with where things are ahead of time will save you time and stress when you”re in front of your class.


Step 4: Redeem an Access Code and Experience What Your Students Will Experience

This goes back to Step 3. It”s crucial to know what your students will experience while using our platform. Using your own student account (this will have the same login credentials as your administrator account), use the hoanhtao3d.vn platform to take practice tests and courses. This will not only help you prepare for any certifications you want, but it will also prepare you to answer any questions that arise within your classroom as your students start using our learning materials.

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Step 5: Set Up Student Accounts

This step is done with your students present, unless you are importing their login credentials in bulk ahead of time within your administrator account. However, we highly recommend allowing your students to create their own accounts as they are more likely to remember their credentials. If your students forget their usernames or passwords, never fear! Within your administrator panel, you can look up the usernames of students who have redeemed an access code from your organization, and you can also reset their passwords. We recommend practicing resetting a student account password prior to the school semester starting as this will help you know how to do it when one of your students inevitably forgets their password.

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