Hướng Dẫn Đăng Nhập Mining City (マイニングシティ), Mining City(マイニングシティ)

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    If you are wondering about how to join the Mining City project, this article is for you. We will provide specific steps to help you easily join the world’s largest coin digging community.

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    If you are not sure about mining city, find out here: Investing in Mining City, what do you get?

    How to join mining city?

    First you need to have an account at Mining City, the account registration is extremely simple. Go directly to or Click the following link to register:

    You enter the following information to complete the registration process:


    * Referrer: input your referral. You need to enter the name of the introducer and will also assist you in the investment process, building a membership system at Mining City. You can choose any member name, but when you become a member at You can join a support group of 100% answering questions and provide tools to help you build your own system.


    After clicking “Create a new account”, you will receive an account activation email. Check your email and activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link as shown below:


    After successful registration, you log in to the account you just registered and choose the package you want to invest:

    Instructions for purchasing Mining City Plan


    Click “Buy Now” below the packages you plan to invest, a window pops up asking you to agree to the terms of participation. You can view the terms here. If you agree, check and click “OK” to continue.

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    The screen at Mining City will display the QR Code and the BTC wallet address with the number of BTC corresponding to the training package. Your task is to transfer the corresponding BTC amount to your wallet within 30 minutes.

    After the system successfully records the transaction. The interface after your login will be as follows.

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    So you have completed your investment in Mining City project. After 10 days from joining mining city you will receive daily bitcoin. You can reinvest or withdraw your wallet.

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