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So now, when everything has been clarified, let’s take a closer look at the game itself and what exactly it can offer us. So, LEGO City Undercover is the story of an investigator named Chase McCain, who has to work undercover in order to catch his nemesis – Rex Fury.

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It is TPP sadbox game, where action plays the first role. The game was issued in May 2017 and since the moment of the premiere it became one of the most interesting LEGO games released until this moment. Traveller’s Tales made sure the game they showed us is filled with specific humour that can be seen in the form of references to the adventures of such popular figures as James Bond, Starsky and Hutch, or even Batman.

As for game mechanics, the game is inspired mostly on Grand Theft Auto cycle, which is by far the most accurate comparison. The titular city is divided into twenty varied districts that were modelled on San Francisco and New York. In there, we can roam through this LEGO block world with the use of vast amount of vehicles. However, except for cars, we can also use choppers, boasts, or even wheelchairs. Still, it is possible to travel through the game by foot, using parkour that was simplified and made into quite intuitive system. Try out the production right now, test out the game thanks to LEGO City Undercover download and see if the installer fulfils your expectations!

That’s all we’ve prepared for you this time. We hope that the article you’ve just read answered on all your questions and there will be nothing too difficult for you to interpret. In case of any questions or issues, make sure to contact us or just post the comment down below, we will gladly answer on any topic related to LEGO City Undercover Torrent !

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