Powera Moga Ace Power Review: Turn Your Iphone Into A Gaming Handheld


The Moga Ace Power Game Controller for iOS is now available! Along with the Logitech PowerShell, the Moga Ace Power is one of the first game controllers officially supported by iOS devices.

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Price: $49.99Buy it nowhttp://www.mogaanywhere.com/ace/

Featuring S.M.R.T. Lock™ technology to secure your phone, dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, a D-pad, and four action buttons, the MOGA ACE POWER provides precision controls so you can Game On. Anywhere. – See more at: http://store.mogaanywhere.com/products/moga-ace-power-controller-iphone#sthash.Q0gBr5kH.dpuf

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Review Roundup

DestructoidThe MOGA Ace Power is pretty much the perfect control option out right now for iOS devices. Although the price is very steep at $99 given the relatively small list of games that support it, expect more developers to retroactively update their games to allow it, and more big-name titles to implement it in the future. Once that point in time hits, I’d recommend the MOGA to most every mobile gamer out there.Read More

KotakuThe MOGA Ace Power is the first Apple certified iOS 7 controller I’ve gotten my hands on, and likely the first to market. that’s a blessing and a curse. As of right now it’s the only game in town, so its cheap feeling and looking construction might be overlooked.

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It’s got the function, if not the form.Read More

GizmodoDepending on the game, using the Moga Ace can either be frustrating or a lot of fun. In the games I played the most, Dead Trigger 2 and Bastion, the first thing you really appreciate is that since you don’t have to touch the screen to play your games, you can actually see the whole display. Consider that in DT, you’ve got to have your thumbs on the screen basically the whole time.Read More

Touch ArcadePotential. Potential is the word that kept ringing through my head throughout the entirety of my last week with the MOGA Ace Power controller. From our very first whiffs of new of iOS 7 game controllers to now, the potential that these devices could have on the iOS gaming landscape seems almost unfathomable. I’m not sure we’re there yet, but the MOGA Ace Power is a very promising first entry into an ecosystem that I’m sure will be just as vast and varied as the rest of the iOS accessory world.Read More

First Looks by Touch Arcade

PocketGamer.co.ukThe MOGA Ace Power is definitely a good piece of kit. The enormous battery lasts forever, the device is surprisingly comfortable to hold, and – when they work – the various buttons and analogue sticks feel great to use.

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But it’s not without its problems, and the controller suffers from unresponsive face buttons and uncooperative analogue sticks. It makes you mess up in Muffin Knight and it feels like Dead Trigger 2 would be more accurate on the touchscreen.Read More

A game controller is pointless without games that support it right? Well check out our List of Games that support iOS7 MFi Controllers.

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