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Samurai Warrior in King Castle

Muhammad Ifran

Designed for iPad

4.5 • 27.8K Ratings Free

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Play as a samurai fighter and enter the king castle in stealth ninja and do not get caught. Finish whoever comes in your way.

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As a professional reviewer for video games on ALL platforms, I give you my utmost respect for designing this game. I was given an assignment to review iOS games created by unknown people, or in other words, not developed by a company, and discovered this gem. Here’s my review:The Graphics: Top Quality. On my list for “Mobile Games With the Best Graphics”, at number 2.The Gameplay: The gameplay is so smooth. A lot of mobile games made by one person do not have such smooth gameplay.The Sound: The voice acting is compelling. It almost feels real. The, “Hey you!” has so much emotion within such a simple exclamation! The death noise is so realistic as well. I can’t imagine how many of your neighbors called 911 thinking you were dying!The Story: I must say, the story is so greatly done. It is honestly better than Red Dead Redemption 2’s story, and that is REALLY saying something.The Combat: The combat is smooth and realistic. The weapons are so detailed as well!The World: The world around the player is so detailed. You can see the life thriving. Now to sum this up, the game does NOT look like the pictures. It looks MUCH better. I congratulate you for winning the Best iOS Mono-Developer Award. I look forward to seeing you on the next BuzzFeed article!

Developer Response ,

Hi, Thanks for your review.

Great start

This game has great potential. I love this game so far but things need to change. Please game developers listen to the cries of all the people that play this game, please no ads. This game would have so many more supporters and be so much better without all the ads. Make this game cost a few bucks and add some more levels, different stealth animations, no way to watch ADS to get free coins, you can buy everything in the store with the coins you get from killing enemies and beating levels, add chests to levels so if you explore a bit you can find coins in chests, add more abilities, and make it to where not every enemy is worth 50 coins including bosses. Also, many bugs in the game. Really, this game would be great if it was more of an open world Assassin game in a large medieval city. This game could be one of the best games in the App Store. I love this game, keep up the good work.

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