Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free, How To Activate Ms Office 2013 For Free

Are you looking for activating your Microsoft Office 2013 without product key? You are in the right place. Don”t waste your time searching for the product keys of Microsoft Office 2013 because there is a better solution for activation of MS Office 2013 permanently without the product key.In this solution you need to copy your activation code to a Notepad file, then Save it As a .cmd file on your desktop, and final step is to execute the .cmd file. This solution works for MS office 2013 Standard and Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus .In this this tutorial we will guide you step-by-step to how to activate your MS Office 2013 permanently without the product key.

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It is important that before you start the solution you must turn off the Windows Defender. If there is some other antivirus software installed on your computer, turn it off as well because antivirus will not allow to create or execute .cmd file. If you don”t know how to turn off Windows Defender read this tutorial:


Step 2: Create .CMD File

Open a new Notepad file on your computer.Copy this code completely and Paste into your Notepad file.
echo offtitle Activate Microsoft Office 2013 Volume for FREE!&cls&echo ============================================================================&echo #Project: Activating Microsoft software products for FREE without software&echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo #Supported products:&echo – Microsoft Office 2013 Standard Volume&echo – Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus Volume&echo.&echo.&(if exist “%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice15ospp.vbs” cd /d “%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice15”)&(if exist “%ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficeOffice15ospp.vbs” cd /d “%ProgramFiles(x86)%Microsoft OfficeOffice15”)&echo.&echo ============================================================================&echo Activating your Office…&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /unpkey:92CD4 >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /unpkey:GVGXT >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /inpkey:KBKQT-2NMXY-JJWGP-M62JB-92CD4 >nul&cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /inpkey:YC7DK-G2NP3-2QQC3-J6H88-GVGXT >nul&set i=1:serverif %i%==1 set KMS_Sev=kms7.MSGuides.comif %i%==2 set KMS_Sev=kms8.MSGuides.comif %i%==3 set KMS_Sev=kms9.MSGuides.comif %i%==4 goto notsupportedcscript //nologo ospp.vbs /sethst:%KMS_Sev% >nul&echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo.cscript //nologo ospp.vbs /act | find /i “successful” && (echo.&echo ============================================================================&echo.&echo #My official blog: #How it works: #Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.&echo.&echo #Please consider supporting this project: #Your support is helping me keep my servers running everyday!&echo.&echo ============================================================================&choice /n /c YN /m “Would you like to visit my blog ?” & if errorlevel 2 exit) || (echo The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one… & echo Please wait… & echo. & echo. & set /a i+=1 & goto server)explorer “”&goto halt:notsupportedecho.&echo ============================================================================&echo Sorry! Your version is not supported.:haltpause >nul


Choose Desktop as your saving location. In “File name:” type office2013.cmd.In “Save as type:” choose “All Files (*.*)”.Click Save.


Step 3: Execute .CMD File & Activate Office 2013

You can see here that there is a office2013.cmd file on my desktop.Right-click on that file and click “Run as administrator”.

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The office2013.cmd file will be executed.Wait for sometime. Now you can see that MS Office 2013 has been successfully activated on Windows 10 for free. You will see a message “”.
Now to check whether MS Office 2013 is actually activated or not open MS WORD in your computer.Click File.Click Account.You will see Product Activated.Now you can turn-on your Windows Defender or antivirus. You don”t need .cmd file anymore.

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