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Vinh University, Associate Member of the AUN-QA Network under ASEAN University Network, is one of Vietnam’s oldest tertiary institutions with rich history and proud tradition of excellence in teacher education. Since our founding over 60 years ago, we have continually pushed the boundaries of knowledge forward and evolved into the country’s leading institutions of learning, discovery and creation. 

Located in the heart of Ngh? An province, the Vinh University’s campuses are among the biggest and greenest in the nation. In addition, we have a number of research centers, dormitories, laboratories, health clinics, and sports science education facilities to serve more than 35,000 students, including 400 international students. 

Our mission is to provide high quality human resources for society through the pursuit of education and training at the national level of excellence; to deliver teacher training and continuing professional development; and to function as a leading center for educational, applied and basic research and technological transfer in the North Central Vietnam as well as nationwide. We offer learners hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs with various clubs, associations and volunteer activities that allow them to develop their competences and personal attributes.

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The University has over 1000 full-time equivalent staff and over 700 of those are involved in teaching and research.

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Striving to become a national key university and a member of the ASEAN University Network, our staff members work in partnership with over 400 universities and organizations around the world to provide diverse and extensive areas of study. Since the University joined the CDIO network in 2015, our faculties have played a pioneering role in curriculum development, designing CDIO-based programs for 41 majors and sharing knowledge of the CDIO framework in higher education with other institutions.

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Vinh University is also home to some of the country’s most influential educators and innovators, which explains well for its achievements in research. We have persistently engaged ourselves in organizing a number of international conferences, some of which welcomed more than 1000 delegates from 50 countries. We believe those academic activities and events generate the ideas and innovations that spark social and economic change, and that our commitment to applied research creates prosperity in the Central Vietnam and beyond.

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