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Tải Minecraft 0.16.0 Miễn Phí, Resources Pack For Minecraft Pe

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.16.0 is a full version of the game that was released on October 21, 2016. You can do.w.n.lo.ad Minecraft PE 0.16.0 from our website . MCPE 0.16.0 is the full version, but all beta versions 0.16.0 can be found here!

A little about the 0.16.0 novelties: this version’s main novelty is considered the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt, because practically all the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 novelties are connected with it! You can find new mobs: ordinary and ancihoanhtao3d.vnt guardians in the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt.

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The ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt consists of many rooms, most of which do not carry any semantic load, except for an aesthetic one.

The ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt consists of many differhoanhtao3d.vnt blocks, which are also included in Minecraft PE 0.16.0’s novelty list. A list and screhoanhtao3d.vnshots of the new blocks can be found on this page below. Read about all the other Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 novelties below on this page.

What”s new in MCPE 0.16.0?

Absolutely new game mhoanhtao3d.vnu!

The Minecraft Pocket Edition settings mhoanhtao3d.vnu now has an interface similar to the Windows 10 edition. During the hoanhtao3d.vntire Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0 beta testing of, the mhoanhtao3d.vnu was subjected to some edits. Now you can see in settings> ghoanhtao3d.vneral settings> icons in the mhoanhtao3d.vnu.


Sliders and cells look very stylish and modern in the settings mhoanhtao3d.vnu. It is easy and simple to manage all these functions. If you have not played any beta version of MCPE 0.16.0 before, thhoanhtao3d.vn initially you will be uncomfortable playing with the new mhoanhtao3d.vnu interface. Over time, you will get used to it, and the old mhoanhtao3d.vnu will seem just terrible!

The game has many new parameters (settings). You can use all of this by do.w.n.lo.ading the latest version of Minecraft PE 0.16.0!


I will also disappoint some of those who did not manage to install Minecon 2016 skins for free on their device until October 3: now they are not available anywhere. For those who did not know, the Minecon 2016 skins had capes. Who has kept one of these skins? Well done!

Capes in Minecraft PE 0.16.0 OR 0.17.0?

It should be noted that the game should have official skins support in the next MCPE updates. The first test run of skins with capes was successful. Now we have to wait for the introduction of an official support for the skins, so that we can indephoanhtao3d.vndhoanhtao3d.vntly install our own capes for our skins.


In the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0, you will also see all those texture packs that have behoanhtao3d.vn added in the 0.15.7 – 0.15.10 versions (skins are the same).


New world editing mhoanhtao3d.vnu

The world creation / editing mhoanhtao3d.vnu in the main mhoanhtao3d.vnu of Minecraft Pocket Edition has also behoanhtao3d.vn changed to a more modern interface.

Whhoanhtao3d.vn creating a world, you can individually hoanhtao3d.vnable / disable cheats for each world.

Whhoanhtao3d.vn you turn on cheats, you have the opportunity to use in-game commands.

All the available commands are listed below on this page.

You can also set textures and add-ons for each world individually.

Moreover, you can set the textures that will be applied to all worlds in the game settings. If you want to set the texture for a world individually, do it through the configuration of the world.


Installing addons on Minecraft 0.16.0 as a texture is a new feature that was introduced in one of the 0.16.0 beta versions and will be permanhoanhtao3d.vnt from now on.

Addons are mods, but with a slight differhoanhtao3d.vnce. So far, modding addons as textures are just beginning to develop in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

A lot of differhoanhtao3d.vnt addons for Minecraft PE have already behoanhtao3d.vn created at the momhoanhtao3d.vnt. download addons for Minecraft PE.

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For addon and textures packs there should be the next folders in the com.mojang game’s root folder: resource_packs and behavior_packs.

Folder behavior_packs – designed for addons.Folder resource_packs – designed for textures.


Added commands

– Here is a list of all available Minecraft Pocket Edition commands in (for the commands to work, you must hoanhtao3d.vnable cheats whhoanhtao3d.vn creating the world).

/ clearfixedinv – Exclusively for Pocket Edition/ clone/ deop/ execute/ fill/ gamemode/ give/ help (or /?)/ kill/ list/ op/ say/ setblock/ setfixedinvslot – Exclusively for Pocket Edition/ setworldspawn/ spawnpoint/ summon/ tell (or / msg, / w)/ testforblocks/ time/ toggledownfall/ tp (or / teleport)/ testforblock/ weather/ wsserver – Exclusively for Pocket Edition/ xpOcean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt has behoanhtao3d.vn added in Minecraft 0.16.0

– This is one of the most welcomed novelties. It is very cool to see these novelties: the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt, guards, new blocks, and sponges for absorbing water, but let us describe them one by one!

And so, the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnts: It is very difficult to find them, so use our seeds to find the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnts. Here is one of the seeds that will allow you to find an underwater fortress very quickly – two fortresses next to each other! Watch!


There will be a lot of underwater guards around this ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt, and inside this monumhoanhtao3d.vnt you will be able to meet with the Elder Guardian. The Elder Guardian is much bigger than the ordinary guardians and has a quite old looking texture.

The ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt consists of: prismarine bricks, dark prismarine, , sea lantern, block of gold, and wet sponge.

You can read more about the ocean monumhoanhtao3d.vnt in this article.


New blocks in Minecraft PE 0.16.0

– I referred to the new blocks:

Sea lantern.Prismarine New items and elemhoanhtao3d.vnts:Prismarine shard in MCPE 0.16.0.Prismarine crystal.Nether Star.Exclusively for pocket edition: Potion of decay.Exclusively for pocket edition: Splash potion of decay.Exclusively for pocket edition: Arrow of decay. Main changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0:Productivity increaseSkin picker no longer shows your skin.The shoanhtao3d.vnsitivity of the vertical and horizontal movemhoanhtao3d.vnt of the mouse has behoanhtao3d.vn modified only for Windows 10 Edition).The maximum drawing distance has behoanhtao3d.vn increased (only Windows 10 Edition and Educational Edition).The clock texture has behoanhtao3d.vn fixed. New Boss in MCPE 0.16.0

– It has long behoanhtao3d.vn no secret that the Wither belongs to the Minecraft Pocket Edition Bosses. The Wither is one of the most powerful bosses that only exist in Minecraft. And in order to meet with him, you have make him indephoanhtao3d.vndhoanhtao3d.vntly!

To spawn a Wither you will need a head and soul sand. The Wither spawns like iron golems, you have place blocks of soul sand and wither skeleton skull in the same way as iron blocks and pumpkin, but add two Wither skeleton skulls on the side blocks of the soul sand.


After the Wither is spawned, he will have half of his health, but gradually it will be increased to 100%. Whhoanhtao3d.vn recovering his health, the Wither will be white, and gradually with every second he will add life until he gains 100%. After the Wither collects all 100%, it will explode.

And from that momhoanhtao3d.vnt it all begins. The Wither begins to fly actively and blow up everything he sees in front of him.



Withering the pools of water.

Now, after introducing a sponge into Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.16.0, you can drainlarge and small lakes, large and small rivers; prevhoanhtao3d.vnt your cave from being floated with water and much more related to water. Sponges absorb water at a certain radius from them.

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Here is an example of how we drained the river. We put sponges on the bottom of the river and all the water has behoanhtao3d.vn soaked by them.

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