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download LinksDeveloper: KozmoGamesGenre: BoardOriginally on: Windows (2003) Works on: PC, WindowsEditor Rating:Rate this game:
If you like the idea of chess, but want something more, War Chess is the game for you. I grew up playing chess and War Chess is exactly the kind of game I wish I had to play with my dad growing up. This is the same chess that you know and love but with a fantasy coat of paint which makes the steaks feel higher and the game more fun.
A chess game with a story? Sure this may sound weird, but I think the fact that you are not just playing to win a game of chess, but the kingdom is really awesome. This is a battle of good vs evil and your troop needs your tactical mastermind to make sure that the right side of this war (which is the side you choose of course) is the side that comes out on top.

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Instead of the same and boring chess pieces that every other chess game has. War Chess has chess pieces that are made to look like characters from a fantasy movie. You have epic kings and queens, brave knights, elves, goblins and all other kinds of creatures. These look really cool and they certainly make a game of chess that extra bit exciting.
Another cool aspect of the game is that you will be playing your matches on different backgrounds. Many chess games are a bit barebones when it comes to the presentation, but that is not the case here at all. The way the level will change from match to match is something that I really got a kick out of.

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Speaking of “getting a kick out of” it is really the animations that make War Chess so much fun. When you defeat a piece, it does not just disappear from the board! Instead, you get a really cool fighting animation that helps make the matches so much more exciting. These animations are very well done and a major highlight of the game for me.
While setting a game of chess in this fantasy world and changing all of the pieces may make it sound like a dumbed-down version of chess. That is not the case at all, this is the same classic and tactical game of chess that you love. You will need some serious skill to defeat all of the opponents the game throws your way. So, if you are a chess master, you will certainly have your skills tested here. There is even a “real” chessboard in the corner of the game that lets you see the real pieces which can actually help when it comes to visualizing your tactics.
I had a great time with War Chess. I really like how at its core it is classic chess, but the fantasy coat of paint it has been given really does make for a much more exciting and engrossing game of chess. If you are a chess fan and want to play a game of chess that is an extra bit special, War Chess is well worth checking out.
I loved the fantasy settingIt is very easy to get intoWhile “fantasy” this is still classic chessI liked the different piece designsDifferent backgrounds keep things fun
It can be quite hard!I wish it had a bit more epic music to go with the animations

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