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Tai Xiu, also known as Sic Bo, commonly known as gambling size, is a way to gamble with dice. Tai Xiu is bet by the players to the dealer. Before each bet, the dealer first shakes the three dice in a covered vessel. When the players are bet, the dealer opens the utensils and sends the color. Because the most common bet is to buy the size of the dice (the total number of points is 4 to 10 is called small, 11 to 17 is large, except for cofferdams), so it is often called the purchase size (Tai Xiu).

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How to Play

Beginning of game, placing token represents one or more dice combinations anywhere on the table. Before the customer places a bet, the holder must cover the glass cover with the cover, fasten the cover with the shackle with the buckle, and then press the handle three times in a row to make the scorpion jump in the glass cover and place the bedding on the table. The light is on and the guest can start betting. After the bet is completed, the cage with the dice will start to rotate and the result will be displayed at the top right of the screen. There will be stars in the winning combination of numbers on the desktop, If you bet on any of the stars, you will get the corresponding win.

Single Number :Below the table there is a row of betting areas divided into 6 small cells. In this row, you are betting on which number will be displayed after the dice are rotated. If one of the three dice shows your number, then your winning odds is 1:1. If two of the three dices show your number, then your winning odds is 2:1. If all three dices show your number, then your winning odds is 3:1.

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Combination of Two Numbers :The combination of two numbers is a combination of the results of any two dice rotations. The winning odds is 5:1. For example, if you bet on three dice, at least two of them will be displayed as 5 or 3. After the rotation, the dice will be displayed as 4, 3 and 5, then you will win 6 times the amount of your bet. In a combination of two numbers, you can only win a combination, which means that if the dice are displayed as 3, 3 and 5, then you can only get a combined winning. If you bet in two combination of numbers, then if the results of the three dice rotations satisfy those combinations, you will get a winning for each combination.

Big / Small :If you choose to bet in this area, you are betting on the sum of the numbers of the three dice. The odds ere are all 1:1. Large means that the sum of the numbers is 11 to 17; small means that the sum of the numbers is 4 to 10. No matter placing bet on big or small, the rotation of dices is 3 same will consider lose.

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The sum of the three numbers :In this area, you bet the sum of the numbers after the three dice are rotated. If the sum of the numbers after the rotation is 3 or 18 then you must lose because there are no combinations on the table that can bet. The sum of the different numbers represents different odds.

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