‎One Piece Treasure Cruise On The App Store, 6 Best One Piece Games For Android & Ios!

The 10 Best One Piece Video Games, Ranked According To Metacritic Not many One Piece video games have been localized outside of Japan. But of the ones that have, which are the best?

One Piece has been a manga since 1997, and as of today has ninety-eight volumes. Additionally, the anime series, which started in 1999, is almost at a thousand episodes – a triumph for any anime. While One Piece has never hit the heights of other franchises such as Dragon Ball Z in the West, it has been gaining traction slowly over the past several years.

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However, many games based on the One Piece franchise were never localized in North America, since its fanbase was so nice. Furthermore, games the West did get have only been okay. That said, which among them are worth playing?

10 One Piece: Pirates” Carnival (49)

One Piece Pirates' Carnival promo art
Admittedly, this game doesn”t starting the list out too great. Its score of 49 refers to the GameCube version, which is the higher score between it and the PS2. It’s tied with One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 on 3DS with a 49 as well.

All players really need to know about this 2006 release is that it is a copy of a Mario Party-like mini game collection. Overall, it just wasn’t well thought out. 

9 One Piece: World Seeker (65)

One Piece World Seeker promo art
This score is based off of the Xbox One version, which beats out the PS4. It primarily stars Luffy as the main protagonist, although DLC unlocks more people. Set on a prison island, World Seeker takes on the style of a brawler RPG.

It’s clear that the team wanted to turn this into an adventure like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, this 2019 game did not hit quite those heights. However, some fans of the franchise appreciated the effort. 

8 One Piece: Burning Blood (66)

One Piece Burning Blood gameplay screenshot
This score is based off of the PS4 version, but the PS Vita and Xbox One versions are pretty close. It’s a fighting game similar to other anime-based titles, such as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

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The big difference between the two is a budget. Overall, it doesn”t seem that this game tried as hard. Released in 2016, it didn’t make much of a splash even for One Piece fans.

7 One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (67)

One Piece Unlimited Adventure promo art
This was a Wii exclusive that released in 2008. It takes place on an island where Luffy and his crew are exploring the area for treasure. Players can swap out characters via a radial menu.

In terms of gameplay, One Piece: Limited Adventure is another hack and slash adventure. It also borrows elements from Metroidvania-style games, as certain areas are locked until the right action can be taken. 

6 One Piece: Grand Battle (69) 

This score is based off of the PS2 version, but the GameCube version is very close with a 67. One Piece: Grand Battle is a fighting game with a simplistic combat system and a cutesy art style in the form of chibi.

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The fourth and last game in its series, it also has the unique distinction of being the only one to have come out in North America. It released for both systems in 2005. 

5 One Piece: Grand Adventure (70)

This score is based off of the GameCube version with the PS2 version trailing somewhat close behind. It is similar to One Piece: Grand Battle in both combat style and art.

Grand Adventure also a sequel to Grand Battle, it even though this title apparently belongs to its own separate series from the aforementioned Japanese quadrilogy. However one categorizes it, this 2006 fighter is pretty simple, but its decent roster contributes to its higher score. 

4 One Piece: Unlimited World Red (75)

This score is based off of the original release, which hit the 3DS in 2014. Since that time, One Piece: Unlimited World Red has also been ported to the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, and Switch all with similar scores in the 70s and high 60s.

This game is another action adventure brawler starring Luffy, although modern versions of it have a cool twist. Players now have the option of co-op, which can help make any game better even if it isn’t exactly a masterpiece. 

3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (76)

This score is based on both the Switch and PS Vita versions, whose Metacritic scores are tied. This list could be dominated by all four games in this spinoff series to Dynasty Warriors, which started in 2012. Most of these games rank highly, or at least within this range. However, to better diversify the list (and because all of them are very similar), let’s just look at one.

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What this game in particular gets right is the character options, diversity in combat, and attention to detail. One Piece: Pirate Wariors also pays homage to the original material nicely. It can be repetitive and mindless at times, but a co-op buddy can help break the tedium. 

2 One Piece GBA (76)

This game is just called One Piece, but fans often refer to it as One Piece GBA since that was the system it released on in 2005. Dimps, the developing team behind this game, made some of the best-looking Game Boy Advance games solo, or in collaboration with others. These include, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, and the Sonic Advance games. 

One Piece is no exception to Dimps” impressive track record. The pixel art in this game looks great, and it’s a fun action platformer to boot. 

1 One Piece Treasure Cruise (79)

Believe it or not, the best-rated One Piece game on Metacritic is a free-to-play mobile game. It released in 2015 and is still going strong, which is incredible considering how often these things can just tank.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise is another RPG gacha system that most players could easily ignore, but it deserves some credit. More than anything, the game does seem to adore its fans and honors the material on which it is based.

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