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UltraMailer provide all in one solutions for email marketing or sending bulk mailing list: – Sending mailings, newsletters, promotions or invitations?- UltraMailer is the best e-mail marketing software for managing your mailing list.- Discover the free solution or the cost effective one, a one-time payment package which allows you to easily manage your email marketing using a desktop software. Info:

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Cool. I”ve got over 500,000 Yahoo email list. This will come in handy.Thanks



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Check out Amazon SES and MailChimp. I have heard they are both good, but i haven”t used them personally.
wonderful share , will try out with my set-ups!though most of my scripts are custom, just thinking to try out desktop versions…
Thnaks OP! Just do.w.n.lo.aded and it works fine. But it does say Basic and not pro version. What”s the difference anyway between the two?
I do not know guys, its look a bit suspicious why? 1. The site has some dead links. 2. After do.w.n.lo.ading the official version form the site I checked it up in “”virustotal””. It found that:UltraMailer_Setup_v3.5_en_fixed3.zipSymantec:””WS.Reputation.1″” Score: 1 / 56And you an “”official product”” ….

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List of SMTP Sites:
Sites Price: Note: High Consistent , Top Support, Negotiable on price Average Quality Average Cool UI but check your traffic like crazy Average Check your traffic hard core Average Will suspend account quick – Doesn”t Allow Dating site Cheaper Weird Service, Most Issues with SMTP connection Fast support but not that helpful High 2 Mill Plus Monthly Emails – Big Players Only High Haven”t Tried

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