Trải Nghiệm Game Mobile Wukong Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện Game Mobile Wukong

a 【Wukong States Stories】 products first-hand Game Moblie only in Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean war PK! Million people activated to fight! Become the boss of the third world!Super products 3D first game moblie 【Wukong States Stories】 , due to metabolic action PK national strategy! Beautiful 3D graphics, freedom, wild, fighting, anger matchless related move, enjoy, experiment, fight! Van the along the dramatic Korean war! “Journey to the west” original “demons fate” the support fight! Freedom to change weapons, purchase replacement combat mode! Also a lot of interesting things, play the same useful interactive! If you want to become the King of The Three realms? Be quick to join the God of war Ghost of 【Wukong States Stories】 come on !and=Special=※※※ Ma First Love Buddha, the characters in “Tam world” convergence ※※※Magic, Love,Fairies, Buddha”s four races in three worlds options spirit to minister the strongest! Move festival spirit to minister, promoted to the high gradually, fate will help you promote competition, three worlds※※※ Million people in the national strategy, we will converge at the ba thien ha ※※※choose own country, the strategic high through get deflection of the administrator, technical public donation, aid and claims against the heroes, perfect organic kingdom, million people in war related how shocking the opponent enemy. Ma first disorders vu, where also is the battlefield!※※※ freely change weapons ,Super weapons, enhanced strength ※※※the Taper, Bow, envelopes punch, Twin Swords four weapons while fighting arbitrary changes, installed no career options like switching combat style! When dealing the battlefield, others will have different choices, turn every trick one can change decide the outcome!※※※ nourish the Spirit, unleash the most powerful force ※※※In the game when creating your page is purple or orange, and the type of equipment to another according to rank, the force super god will beat each person one by of military strength enemy! national strategy, darts and other types of strategies that will help you create your own attribute separate spirit, ultimate, fighting force strong, no opponent, the spirit in hand, you have the whole galaxy!※※※ Same useful a third world ※※※the Arena, team battle, BXH force! Appointment useful together fight to the end!=Contact Us=FB:

Wukong – Ngộ Không Kỳ Truyện Моd 2( 53.84 MB )

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