Problems With Logging In To Yandex Đăng Nhập, Problems With Logging In To Yandex

If you enabled two-factor authentication, you can log in to any service or app using a one-time password. If you added several accounts to, don't forget to switch to the correct account before entering your PIN code. You can also log in to some services using a QR code.

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App passwords are used to log in to third-party apps and programs (mail clients, messengers, mail importers, and so forth).

Attention. You can only use one-time passwords to log in to apps developed by; app passwords will not work, even if they are generated correctly.
Note. You need to enter the one-time password before it stops displaying on the app screen. If there isn't much time left until the next password, simply wait for the new one to appear.

To get a one-time password, launch and enter the PIN code that you created when setting up 2FA. The app will start generating passwords every 30 seconds.


You can copy your current password from into another app. To do this, click next to your password.
It makes no sense to save one-time passwords in your browser or anywhere else. Even if you don't use a password immediately, it'll stop working very soon.

Xem thêm: Không Đăng Nhập Được Smart Banking, Bidv Smartbanking will not verify that the PIN code you enter is correct: it will generate one-time passwords even if you've entered your PIN code incorrectly. In this case, the generated passwords will also be invalid, and you won't be able to log in with them. To enter the correct PIN code, you just have to exit the app and launch it again.

Some services (such as the homepage,, and allow you to sign in to by simply pointing your camera at a QR code. Your mobile device must be connected to the internet so that can communicate with the authentication server.

To log in with a QR code:


","hasTopCallout":false,"hasBottomCallout":false,"areas":<{"shape":"rect","alt":"","coords":<158,439,264,471>,"isNumeric":false}>}}”> detects the QR code and sends your username and one-time password to hoanhtao3d.vnID. If they pass verification, you will log in automatically in your browser. If the password sent turns out to be incorrect (for example, as a result of entering the wrong PIN code in, then the browser will display the standard error message that you entered an incorrect password.

Apps or sites that need to access your data sometimes ask you to enter your password to log in to your account. In these situations one-time passwords will not work; you will need to create a separate app password for each app of this type.

Attention. apps and services only work using one-time passwords. Even if you create an app password for a service like, you won't be able to log in with it.

You can transfer the generation of one-time passwords to another device or configure on multiple smartphones at the same time. There are two ways to do this:

The same app can be used for multiple accounts that use one-time passwords. To add another account to the app while setting up one-time passwords, click in the app during step 3. You can also have generate passwords for other services that support two-factor authentication. Instructions for most popular services can be found on the Generate verification codes for services page.

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To remove an account from, tap and hold the corresponding portrait in the app until a cross icon appears to the right of it. When you tap on the cross, that account will no longer be linked to

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